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  1. Angle Iron galvanized Post Pallet
  2. Angle Iron galvanized Post Pallet
  3. Angle Iron galvanized Post Pallet

Angle Iron galvanized Post Pallet

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  • Brand: Midwell
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Detachable,Stackable,Movable,Available used outdoor. Big loading quantity, save more shipping cost.

  1. Detailed information

Angle Iron Post Type hot-dip-galvanized Steel Pallet

Chassis Size(L*W*H):  1200x1000x200 mm, or can be customized

Angle Iron Post Dimesnion: 60x60x6.0  x 1200-1500-1800 mm

Material:  carbon steel

Application areas: Frozen warehouse, logistics transportation, auto-industry, meat, Korean Kimchi,agriculture and other industries

Product features:

1. unique product structure, detachable and stacked, big loading quantity;

2. bearing capacity is high, when unfolded, it can stack 4 layers, single layer load bearing capacity: 1000 kgs;

3. The column can be disassembled and the column base can be stacked in 20 layers to save space and facilitate storage and transportation.

4. surface hot-dip galvanizing treatment, corrosion resistance, can be used in outdoor and freezing storage.

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